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IT'S ALL OVER (2021)

Video Artwork, Duration 01:30

Artist - Wes Viz

Music Composition - FLÆN

"Wes Viz created the visuals for the track It’s All Over for the Ireland-based DJ Flæn in 2021 and she already considers it a favourite of her works. A haunting industrial track, the accompanying video starts in darkness before revealing glimpses of trees, a forest, illuminated in flashes of red, white and green. It feels like a horror film at first, as if a flashlight prowls the scene. As the track builds, however, and the beat like an anvil gets more urgent, we realise there are just trees. Reflecting on both the title of the track and the artist’s other work, it starts to feel less like a horror movie and more like a memorial, or a pointed question: is it all over – for the trees? As humans increasingly move into the virtual world, what will become of the forests, already under siege?"

- Pete Traynor, Agora Digital Arts, 2021

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