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Client : Kid Brunswick

 Island Records | Universal Music

Creative Direction

Original Character

+ Visuals

by Wes Viz


A series of mini music videos commissioned by legendary label

Island Records. for the release of nine Kid Brunswick Singles.


This project showcases my original character ‘Skeleboi’ and his world created for Kid Brunswick. A main theme of Kid Brunswick’s music is addiction recovery and dealing with one's demons. I wanted a way to visualize what is happening in the lyrics without depicting the artist, who promotes sobriety, enacting what he sings about. My solution was to create a skeletal version of him, like a shadow character or demon that’s always there in the background.


In total I have done nine visuals for him, and together they have formed a narrative about this character’s journey. I found it really interesting to be given the opportunity to do that level of world-building over the course of two years."

The visuals were created using C4D and Unreal Engine.

Skull Logo Kid Brunswick

[ In order from most recent ] 

[ Stained ]

[ XForever ]

[ The Feel ]

[ When You Were Young }

[ Bipolar Rhapsody }

[ 4AM }

[ Presciption Kid }

[ Skinny }

[ Penny }

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