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Video Artwork, Duration 02:54

Artist - Wes Viz

Music Composition - Wax Wings

'Linear Interpolation 1' is a self portrait depicting a moment in motion.


In traditional hand-drawn animation the key poses are drawn by the senior animators and the frames between are filled in by the 'tween artists'. This work is to showcase the transitional frames, often forgotten but so crucial for change. These are the liminal spaces of movement, the mid-step, the leaning forward and rebalancing. We are always between poses. We are always in motion, even standing still.

All of the animation and 3D artwork within 'Linear Interpolation 1' is created by myself, and the female model is physically based on my own body taken from 3D scans. The music that accompanies is by London-based musician Wax Wings and is a custom composition for this film.

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