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Wax WIngs



Creative Direction, Animation and original AR Filters

by Wes Viz

Photography & Styling – Justyna Radon 
Director of Photography – Adam Radon@86rn_video
Studio Assist & Layout – Sveety K
Music & Artist Featured – Wax Wings



Natacha Marro, Torture Garden Latex, T*Mitrovska, Chema Diaz, Alejandra Munroz, FCLX

Kalt Blut

"Wes Viz, Wax Wings and creative duo 86Rn (Justyna Radon, Adam Radon) have teamed up to create ‘LUX’ a mixed reality fashion editorial, film and AR filter so viewers can create their own visual masterpieces via Instagram.  This visually arresting film features AR light-filled animated designs created by Wes Viz, projected onto Wax Wings’ body. At one point, his face is motionless as the projected digital identity of light talks for him, as his online avatar. The film features the track ‘Smell of Success’ from Wax Wings forthcoming EP. The hybrid editorial is available at KALTBLUT Magazine.

Adopting the digital self is something the pandemic has forced. Many are spending much more time online, crafting and honing their digital identity. ‘LUX’ was born from this, stripping the film, editorial and filter back to the minimal, focusing on the AR digital persona of the artist, the clothing and the light.
In the future we will see the advent of mixed reality AR as consumables that will be purchased as files, changing traditional consumption habits. People will favour simpler styles augmented with light both built into the clothing as well as icons designed to trigger virtual experiences. As the face of our visual landscape changes, we will turn to entertainment from the temporal digital world, searching for powerful yet transient experiences.

In ‘LUX’ translucent pieces capture the fluidity and amorphous quality of light. Sculptural designers such as Teodora Mitrovska help build layers of sculptural light onto Wax Wings’ body. Beneath the external layers are reflective latex pieces by Studio FCLX and Torture Garden Latex. Custom projections are mapped onto boots by Natacha Marro. The bespoke AR crown filter of barbed wire and red eyes also has a minimal feel. Ultimately, the light becomes the outfit – and the outfit becomes the identity. Augmented reality is a luxury item. Light is the ultimate sign of success in an increasingly dark world."

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