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Video Artwork, Duration 02:30

Artist - Wes Viz

Music Composition - Wax Wings

'ANTICOMMUNION' is a piece I developed as a response to my feelings of dread and intrigue surrounding the concept of living most of our lives within virtually constructed worlds, which will no doubt reshape our perception of intimacy. The film centers around a female character wearing a virtual reality headset. We see her in various states of reverie and excitement, but we never get to see what she is seeing. As the subject of the film rotates to face a doppelgänger of herself across a table she mirrors the position of 'The Artist is Present' by Marina Abramovic before she is absorbed into the darkness.

With this work I am calling into question what will be the nature of community in the future. Will interpersonal engagement be with others - or only with ourselves? Who will we connect when we pass through the red door of the metaverse?"

All of the animation and 3D artwork within 'Anti Communion' is created by Wes Viz and the female model is physically based on her own body taken from 3D scans. The music that accompanies is by London-based musician Wax Wings and is a custom composition for this film.

Part of the selection for DAZED x CIRCA class of 2021, ‘ANTICOMMUNION’ was screened as part of an international exhibition at Piccadilly Circus in London, K-Pop square in Seoul and Shinjuku Square in Tokyo. 

Piccadilly Circus Premiere
Seoul Premiere
Piccadilly Circus Premiere
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